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A thread lift is a cosmetic alternative to traditional surgical removal of loose facial skin. This less invasive procedure uses temporary sutures to create a subtle lift in the skin. The loose skin is suspended by stitching up portions of it. The skin is pulled back, and is tightened and lifted.


Threads also combat aging by utilizing the body's healing process to attract greater amounts of collagen to the treated areas of the face. Collagen stimulation plays a vital role in the long term results of this face lift method.

Less collagen is produced as we age, which is why our skin naturally gets thinner and more saggy with time. This non-invasive procedure attracts the collagen and supports more collagen growth, creating thicker skin, and fewer wrinkles. 

Threading provides instant results that offer continuous rejuvenation for facial tissues. Skin will be more firm and wrinkles will be driven out. Our bodies are biologically created to react this way when foreign matter is existing inside the dermis. Because the sutures are minuscule, most patients cannot feel any of this happening naturally on their faces. 

The recovery time for a Thread Facelift is minimal. Thread lifts can be done under local anesthesia. Patients can drive themselves home after surgery and can easily take care of themselves. Most people can return to work post a Thread lift as well. 

Mature Woman

Thread Facelift

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