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"Dramatic and life changing! I wish I did this years ago!"

...That is what our clients have said following a smile make-over.

We have used porcelain veneers since the late 1980's to create completely natural smiles.  Our experience shows that they remain stain-free and strengthen existing teeth. Daily care is the same as that of natural teeth. Veneers are perfect for a wide range of clients.  It can be for those with beautiful teeth who just wanted a subtle improvement, or those with worn down old dentition who wanted a younger appearance, to many who have felt their teeth are hopeless and their smile was an embarrassment to them.

Cosmetic Magic:

The porcelain veneer is the beating heart of every successful cosmetic dental enhancement. Veneers are elegant, ultra-strong, fingernail-thin porcelain shells that enhance your smile by masking the imperfections on your teeth. Our custom veneer creation and application methods are capable of:

  • Closing large spaces

  • Crafting youthful smiles

  • Balancing gummy smiles

  • Enhancing smile symmetry

  • Straightening crooked teeth

  • Brightening discolored teeth

  • Lengthening worn-down teeth

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